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Traditional Tea Lover Monthly Tea Subscription

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Although you enjoy a good cup of tea, you are a traditional tea drinker. The only flavor you want are the natural flavors developed during the nurturing process or obtained from the environment where  the Camellia Sinensis plant was grown.  Explore the various regions

             Black Tea:  A good cup of Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast and on occasion Earl Grey pleases your tastes buds. This program explores various regions and origins of teas such as Assam, China, India, etc.

             Green Tea:  Your taste buds prefer the grassy Sencha from the hills of the Japanese            province or a flavorful Chun Mee from a highly selected China Provence. Each month you will be delighted with highly recommended green teas from different regions.

             White Tea:  Nothing but the best for you.  Each month you will receive a selection of our highest quality white teas chosen especially for you.

Type: Tea Sampler

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